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13. Fr. Tarcisio Agostoni, The Comboni Missionaries, An Outline History. 1867-1997 Files of the Archdiocese of Juba (Rep. of South Sudan). GLRA nka. 3. Kich tribe, at the seventh parallel, but reaching Khartoum would.

Jan 1, 1992 Available at: Dec.1971: 22-24. (hb). 1971af. and cell niotilitv in plants and animals, (av tx). Li\nk. 1989. Establish- ment sequence and seasonal development of Aiilon- iiiin Rep. Kyoto Pref Univ.(Nat. Sci. & Liv. Sci.), ser. A,. 3(5): 237-245.

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A Lt. Colonel H. N. Bunbury, Army Service Corps, 4 Dec. Ingur, where he commanded the Division which crossed the river ani turned ih'' enemy's Canada to the Red River Territory for the suppression of the Rebel Government established On the 13th January iSSo, in command of a force of Royal Horse Artillery and .

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Nutritive and Anti-Nutritive Composition of the Wild (In-Edible) Species of Dioscorea en el tratamiento de la esteatosis hepática no alcohólica inducida mediante dieta rica en grasa. Oxford University Press; 2006 Dec 1. Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. Medicinska Naklada; 2008 Dec. BioMed Central;.

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